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Sparkling Sequin Fabric: It's Party Time!

If you're planning on attending a Christmas or New Year party and want to be the shining centre of attention then creating unique clothing using sequin fabric is the way to go. Here at Croft Mill, we have got a stunning variety of these magical materials for you to choose from. Here's to the belle of the ball!

The word 'sequin' originates from the Venetian word 'zecchino', which referred to a ducat coin. After falling out of popular usage when the minting of such coins ceased, the word became 'sequin' in France and referred to shiny metal discs that were attached to clothing.

The use of sequins as a clothing decoration dates back to long before the word itself was coined. There is evidence to show that sequins were used as early as 2500 BC and the embellishments were even found preserved on clothes discovered inside Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt.

Mostly reserved for the nobility between the 17th and 19th centuries, sequins suddenly experienced a massive resurgence in popularity in the 1920s, driven in large part by fashionable 'flapper girls'. Newer materials like gelatin, plastic, polyester and vinyl began to be used in place of the heavier metal sequins as the decades progressed.

Today, sequins can be found decorating all sorts of garments from the formal to the casual. By catching the light from all directions and reflecting it back outwards, sequinned garments create a magnificent, showstopping display that is nothing short of breath-taking.

Here at Croft Mill, you can choose from a sumptuous selection of delightful sequin fabrics, including:

  • Charleston. Reminiscent of the aforementioned flapper girls who brought a daring, exciting edge to the roaring 20s, Charleston is a gorgeously-glamorous knitted fabric that incorporates 5% elastane to add stretch to its marvellous drape. Attached in clean geometric lines from one selvedge to the other, the sequins hang in delightful droplets. Perfect for party wear, Charleston is especially suited to creating tiered dresses and skirts. 
  • Dancing Armour. Hit the dance floor in style with a garment made using this superb sequin fabric. Onto a fine, jet-black net, a mesmerising pattern of swirling sequins has been embellished, resulting in a fabric that is truly fit for a dancing queen!

These are just two of the many sequin fabrics available from Croft Mill so please take the time to browse our website to discover the complete collection. There's also a selection of amazing metallic party fabrics to choose from. Don't forget that we have a fully-stocked haberdashery that gives you access to a wide range of sewing accessories to help you achieve your design. Merry Christmas from all at Croft Mill!

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