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Sumptuous Satin Fabrics at Croft Mill

One of the many great things about Christmas is that there are plenty of excuses to get all dressed up! If you want to be the belle of the ball at parties and family gatherings, then why not try creating a unique garment using one of our superb satin fabrics?

Whether you want to make a dress, skirt, blouse or anything else, you're sure to find the perfect satin fabric among the 90+ different styles available from Croft Mill. There's something to suit every taste and every budget in our vast collection and every last metre of fabric is guaranteed to be of absolutely superlative quality.

The word 'satin' comes from the Chinese city of Quanzhou, known to European merchants as 'Zayton'. Quanzhou was a major shipping port for silk, from which satin was originally made. Today, advances in fabric technology means that satin can be made from a wide range of other natural and synthetic materials.

While 'silk' refers to a specific material, 'satin' refers instead to a type of fabric weave. The satin weave is considered to be one of the fundamental types of weave, the others being twill weave and plain weave. Satin fabrics are characterised by their even sheen and attractive lustre, which come as a result of the fact that light is not extensively scattered when it reflects from the fibres, creating a strong reflective quality.

Some Tips for Sewing with Satin

  • Satin is a notoriously slippery fabric and so you should never attempt to cut multiple layers at once: instead, carefully cut the fabric one layer at a time
  • Needle and pin marks can be easily seen with satin so make sure you start your project with a fresh, sharp needle and only pin within the seam allowance. Visit the 'Haberdashery' section of our website to purchase top-quality dressmaking needles and pins
  • Avoid spraying water onto satin fabrics when ironing as the material is prone to water spot marks
  • Use a slightly wider seam allowance than you normally would with other fabrics as satin fabrics can fray easily

Our range of satin fabrics contains a wide array of different colours and prints so browse the dedicated section of our website to find YOUR perfect satin! If you need any further information or advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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