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Superb waterproof and water repellent fabrics just in

Here is a little selection of so called waterproof fabrics, apparently we are not able to call anything waterproof any more, since once you sew it you might alter the structure of the thing if the coating becomes impaired. Notwithstanding all else these are as near to waterproof as you will get and do repel water.

  Lemonade - This is rather different to anything we have sold before. A very pale lime green polyester, lightweight canvas with a synthetic rubber backing. We only have 20mtrs. Will make wonderful kiddies rainwear, although it was, according to the place it came from, used for ladies rain-capes. Picture on front page
  Hasslehoff - A pale olive/khaki extremely strong breathable treated polyester with an almost Barber like finish.
  Kit - A smooth backed polyester fabric in navy with a water repellent treatment to the other side.  

Knight Rider - Another softly sanded polyester canvas with a lightweight breathable water repellent coating to the reverse. This is a deep olive green. 

  Revoyce - A densely woven but lightweight polyester in beige one side and a lovely rich but fairly pale gold on the other. There is also some black yarn used in this, on reflection I think it’s a membrane which will help with the windproofing and water repellency. Picture on back 

I will never forget Whatisname - A rare beast, a knitted polyester jersey with a woven polyester twill on the reverse in beige. This again appears to have a membrane between the two layers. A more substantial cloth than any of the others.

  One Coat Canvas - 60” wide, heavy-duty polyester canvas, coated with white waterproof polyurethane. In old-fashioned money this would have been described as 4oz nylon so it’s the sort of stuff you make bags and sailcloth from, although these days sails tend to be extremely light. It comes in unblemished white and is £3.00mtr.
  More Waterproofs - airforce blue, 60” (152 cm) wide very fine lightweight polyester fabric with a breathable coating applied to one side making it a very pliable, soft cloth. If you want to cover a sleeping bag or repair an old down jacket and you want it to be waterproof, then this is the cloth to do it with.

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