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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 9 - Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 - Travel Week

The timing of travel week coinciding with one of the sunniest weeks in the UK created a sense of approp­ri­ateness. Nevertheless, it wasn't a leisurely vacation for the sewers, as judges Patrick and Esme challenged them to design garments inspired by a travel wardrobe. Be warned – “there are spoilers ahead”

The pattern challenge introduced a new element to the Sewing Bee: crafting a rucksack, a first in the show's history. This incredibly difficult task required the contestants to navigate intricate strap construction, incorporating metal hardware for adjustable functionality. Additionally, they had to incorporate a lining to ensure the bag was sturdy and fashionable, ready to accompany them on their adventurous journeys. We saw lots of cotton canvas – a perfect sturdy choice, some water resistant canvas and water resistant fabrics

Blog_Sewing_Bee_Shakespeares_Garden Blog_Sewing_Bee_Named_Sisko_Pattern Blog_Sewing_Bee_Lottie_Love Blog_Sewing_Bee_Lottie_Love

Noodlehead - Buckthorn Backpack & Tote

Cotton Canvas Fabrics

Bag Making Hardware

Water Resistant Camoflage Fabric

The Transformation round took the sewers to the seaside, where they faced the task of transforming windbreakers into emergency rainwear. One of the standout moments was Matthew's skilful creation of a boned-out hood, while Vicki's design had everyone in stitches!

The Made to Measure was another Sewing Bee first – Swimwear. Some contestants designed their costumes specifically for open-water swimming (like Fauves colourful long sleeved number), while others focused on creating stylish ensembles for poolside posing. We saw lots of lycra and some fabulous scuba, and there was plenty of ruffles to go around.

Blog_Sewing_Bee_Shakespeares_Garden Blog_Sewing_Bee_Named_Sisko_Pattern Blog_Sewing_Bee_Lottie_Love Blog_Sewing_Bee_Lottie_Love

Scuba - When Life Gives You

Scuba - Burnt Orange



Garment of the Week went to Mia’s fabulous ruffled sleeve swimsuit. It was beautifully sewn and we see it being a real head-turner by the pool.

We had to say farewell to Gillie and we are going to miss her calm headedness for sure.

Until Next Week!

Image Credit: BBC/Love Productions/­­James Stack
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