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The Ultimate Trouser Fabrics & Patterns Guide

Sometimes it feels like we take for granted the humble trouser fabric. We don’t promote these fabrics as often as we should, mainly due to the fact that they sell out pretty quick of their own accord. As you know, we've always prided ourselves in selecting the most fantastic fabrics around. And oh boy, do we have some cracking new additions to our trouser collection.

Our latest finds are nothing short of mesmerising; the textures, the colours, the sheer craftsmanship that has gone into them, it's all rather exciting. We thought we’d take some time to tell you about some of our office faves (the ones Sarah and Rosie get all excited about photographing an writing about)

We’ll also be giving a nod to our best-selling trouser patterns. These firm favourites have proven themselves time and again, bringing a bit of the magic of impeccable tailoring to wardrobes far and wide.

Stretch Fabrics

Let's start with comfort and flexibility! Stretch fabrics are a must-have for trousers that move with you. Think about those days when you want to feel at ease, whether you're running errands or just relaxing with friends. Fabrics like cotton-spandex blends or ponte knit provide that fantastic stretch and recovery. They're perfect for creating stylish and comfy leggings, jeggings, or even slim-fitting trousers.

Italian Fabrics

Oh, how sophisticated! Italian fabrics are renowned for their quality and luxurious feel. They often come in a variety of materials like wool, linen, and silk. When you want to elevate your trousers to a whole new level of elegance, Italian fabrics are the way to go. Picture yourself in a pair of tailored wool trousers that exude timeless charm and refinement.

Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Blue Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Fool Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Italian_Tuscant

Cotton Fabric

A classic! Cotton is a beloved fabric for its breathability and versatility. Whether you're going for a casual look or a more formal style, cotton fabric comes to the rescue. Twill and drill cotton, in particular, are sturdy choices for trousers, giving them a slightly heavier feel. Perfect for workwear or weekend adventures!


Twill Drill and Chino Fabrics

Speaking of twill drill and chino fabrics, they deserve a spotlight of their own! These are the go-to choices for creating those stylish and durable chino pants. Their diagonal weave adds a touch of texture, making them oh-so-fashionable. Great for achieving that smart-casual vibe, and they pair wonderfully with a crisp button-up or a relaxed tee.

Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Twill Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Ott Trouser_Fabric_Blog_Square_Poly_Group

Outdoor Fabrics

If you're a hiking enthusiast or love outdoor activities, consider using outdoor fabrics for your walking pants. These fabrics are designed to be water-resistant, durable, and often have some stretch to keep you comfortable on your adventures. Think about using performance fabrics like nylon blends or even coated and bonded cotton fabrics to ensure your pants can keep up with you.

Now that we've explored these fantastic fabrics, let's talk patterns! Sewing your own trousers is a fabulous way to express your personal style. Here are some pattern recommendations for you:

  1. Liesl + Co - Men’s Alvalade Trousers Pattern: A stylish and versatile pattern perfect for men's trousers. Dress them up or down as you please!
  2. Merchant & Mills - 101 Trouser Sewing Pattern: This pattern brings that touch of sophistication and simplicity to your trousers, creating a timeless look.
  3. Style Arc - Victor Woven Jean Pattern: Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? This pattern will have you creating trendy woven jeans in no time.
  4. The Assembly Line - High-Waisted Trousers Pattern: Embrace the chic high-waisted trend with this pattern, giving your trousers a fashion-forward edge.
  5. Thread Theory - Men's Jedediah Pants Pattern: A classic and versatile men's pants pattern that you can customize to fit your style.
  6. The Avid Seamstress - Culottes Pattern: For a playful and feminine twist, try this pattern to make a fabulous pair of culottes.

Liesl + Co - Men’s Alvalade Trousers Pattern Merchant & Mills - 101 Trouser Sewing Pattern Style Arc - Victor Woven Jean Pattern
The Assembly Line - High-Waisted Trousers Pattern The Avid Seamstress - Culottes Pattern Sewing_For_Children_Fabric_Essential_Blog_Button_DG

And there you have it, fellow sewing enthusiasts – a rundown on the best fabrics for your bottoms.

Thank you for joining us on this fabulous fabric adventure. Until next time, keep sewing, keep smiling, and keep those trousers looking utterly amazing! 🧵✨😄

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