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Top 10 Jumper & Sweatshirt Dressmaking Patterns

We understand that starting a new project can be daunting, especially with a fabric as versatile as sweater knit. That's why we've curated a selection of sewing patterns to help you get started. From simple tops that are perfect for beginners to more intricate designs for the adventurous sewer, we have something for everyone.

One of the joys of working with sweater knits is the opportunity to experiment with different patterns and textures. A basic jumper pattern can be transformed by switching from a smooth cotton knit to a textured bouclé, giving you a completely different look and feel. Our collection of contemporary sewing patterns are designed to inspire you, allowing you to mix and match fabrics to create unique, personalised garments.

A Tour of Our Sweater Knit Fabrics

Rope Knit - This sumptuously soft jersey fabric, crafted from a blend of rayon, polyester, and nylon, boasts a distinctive braided cable knit design. Available in four stunning colours, it's perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. Ideal for sewing snug cardigans, chic pullovers, and toasty sweaters, it envelops you in unparalleled comfort.

Luxury Heavy Boucle - For those who seek texture and warmth, our boucle fabrics are a dream come true. Its rich texture makes it ideal for cosy outerwear that stands out.

Stof Brushed French Terry - Soft, warm, and with a gentle stretch, this fabric is a favourite for comfortable casual wear. Its brushed interior is pure comfort against the skin.

Sweater_Knit_Sewing_Blog_Fabric_Rope_Knit Sweater_Knit_Sewing_Blog_Fabric_Heavy_Boucle Sweater_Knit_Sewing_Blog_Fabric_Stof_Brushed_French_Terry
Rope Knit Jersey Luxury Boucle Stof Brushed French Terry

Sweatshirting - A classic choice for sporty or casual garments, our sweatshirting fabric combines comfort with durability, making it a go-to for everyday wear.

Harmony Knits - Made from a blend of viscose, polyester, and polyamide, these knits offer a smooth, flowing drape in four beautiful colours. They're perfect for creating pieces that move beautifully with you.

Knitted Mouflon - This fabric is all about texture and depth, offering a unique look and feel that's ideal for statement pieces. It has a brushed fleecy surface and is warm, soft and cosy. The knitted construction means it doesn’t fray and has a tiny amount of mechanical stretch. We've got this gorgeous cloth in 6 fabulous shades.

Sweatshirting Fabrics Harmony Knits Knitted Mouflon

The Big Knits - Bold and beautiful, our Big Knits are for those who love to make an impact. These fabrics are perfect for creating standout garments that are as warm as they are stylish.

Ribbed Velour Jersey - For a touch of luxury and comfort, our ribbed velour jersey is unmatched. Its plush texture and stretch make it a favourite for elegant, comfortable clothing.

Ponte Roma - Known for its stability and stretch, Ponte Roma is a versatile choice for structured yet comfortable garments.

Special One-Off Deadstock Fabrics - Our collection wouldn't be complete without the unique finds that make each sewing project truly one-of-a-kind. These deadstock fabrics are perfect for those looking to create something truly special.

The Big Knit Ribbed Velour Jersey Ponte Roma

Sewing Patterns That Shine

To complement our sweater knit fabrics, we've sourced an array of fabulous sewing patterns. Whether you're in the mood for a snug jumper, a chic cardigan, or a cosy dress, our patterns are designed to inspire and guide you through your sewing journey. Each pattern is chosen to highlight the unique qualities of our fabrics, ensuring your creations are not only beautiful but also perfectly constructed.

The Sewing Workshop's Ann's Cardigan & Tank Pattern is ideal for sweater knits, offering straightforward instructions and versatile designs that accommodate the unique stretch and texture of knits. Its layered look, adaptability, and seasonal versatility make it perfect for creating personalised, stylish outfits suitable for any weather, appealing to sewers of all levels.

The Jalie Caroline Raglan Tee & Tunic Pattern excels with sweater knits, offering easy-to-follow instructions for beginners and versatility for all fabric weights. Its design supports customisation and comfort, making it ideal for creating stylish, personalized garments that cater to a wide range of body types and fashion preferences.

The Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater is perfect for sweater knits, offering a high neckline and two versatile styles for cosy, stylish wear. Its simple construction suits a range of knit fabrics, making it ideal for sewers of all levels looking to create fashionable, custom knitwear for year-round use.

Sewing Workshop Anns Cardigan & TankJalie Caroline Raglan TeeSew House seven Toast Sweater 16-34

The True Bias Nikko Top & Dress Pattern shines with sweater knits due to its sleek, form-fitting design that highlights the fabric's stretch and texture. Ideal for all skill levels, this versatile pattern offers multiple styles, ensuring a chic, comfortable garment perfect for layering or standalone wear, enhancing the knit's natural drape.

The Style Arc Sabel Boyfriend Knit Cardi Pattern is superb for sweater knits, offering a relaxed, oversized fit that capitalises on the cosy, draped characteristics of knit fabrics. Its straightforward design is accessible for beginners, while the stylish, casual silhouette appeals to all, making it a versatile choice for comfortable, everyday wear.

The True Bias Marlo Sweater Sewing Pattern is ideal for sweater knits, featuring an oversized fit with distinctive button-front detail. Its design is well-suited to the texture and warmth of knit fabrics, offering versatility for different weights. Perfect for creating stylish, layered looks, it's accessible to sewers of all levels.

True Bias Nikko Top & DressStyle Arc Sabel KnitTrue Bias Marlo Sweater Sewing Pattern

The Named Talvikki Sweater Pattern excels with sweater knits, featuring a unique turtleneck and dart detail at the neckline, enhancing the fabric's texture. Its loose, comfortable silhouette is perfect for thicker knits, offering warmth and style. The pattern's modern design and ease of assembly make it a favourite for creating statement pieces.

The Maison Fauve Granite Sweatshirt Pattern, with its comfort-focused design, is a perfect match for the softness and stretch of sweater knits. Its simplicity allows the unique textures of sweater knits to shine, making it versatile for both lightweight and cozy, heavier versions. It's ideal for showcasing the fabric's texture while ensuring a cozy fit.

The Named Clothing Inari Dress and Top Pattern's modern, cocoon-shaped silhouette pairs beautifully with the drape and elasticity of Ponte Roma or a cotton jersey, offering a stylish yet comfortable garment. This pattern's adaptability with different sweater knit textures allows for a range of looks from casual to elegant, making it a versatile choice for any wardrobe.

Talvikki_Sweater_Pattern_By_Named_ClothingMaison Fauve Granite Sweatshirt PatternNamed Clothing Inari Dress and Top Pattern

Wrap Up

Our sweater knit fabrics and sewing patterns are here to inspire your next sewing adventure. With such a wide range of textures, colours, and styles, the only limit is your imagination. Check out our collection and discover the perfect fabric for your next project.

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