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Viscose Fabric Guide - The Different Types of Viscose Weaves

Viscose Fabric Guide - The Different Types of Viscose Weaves

Viscose is a fabric that has continued to grow in popularity since it first came into use in the late 19th century. The beautiful aesthetic and delightful feel of the material has often seen it used as a cost-effective substitute for silk. Here at Croft Mill, we have a wide selection of viscose fabrics in stock in a variety of different types. 

Viscose is known as a 'semi-synthetic' fabric. It is made from wood pulp, which is treated with various chemicals before being made into a fibre that can be woven with.

Below are example of the different types of viscose fabrics you can buy with examples of what they can be used for.

Viscose Twill Fabric

A contemporary take on the iconic fabric; viscose twill is a versatile choice for dressmaking, used to create garments suitable for a variety of occasions. This fabric has a slightly heavier weight than other viscose fabrics, such as challis or poplin, but still has a beautiful drape. It has a soft texture with a slightly brushed finish, making it ideal for shirts and dresses. Its breathability makes it perfect for transitioning into the cooler months. 

Viscose twill is a fabric characterized by its diagonal 'twill' weave and its soft, drape-like texture. The weaving process of Viscose twill produces a subtle raised line or pattern in the fabric that can create beautiful, textured designs for clothing and home décor. Viscose twill is often chosen for garments such as dress shirts, blazers, skirts, and jackets due to its unique handle and durability.Viscose Twill Fabric

(pictured viscose twill plains)

Viscose Lawn Fabric

Viscose lawn is an ideal fabric for those who are new to working with drape fabrics. It has a sheer, lightweight texture and a soft drape, making it perfect for clothing projects such as blouses, dresses or skirts. It's also semi-wrinkle resistant and can provide a beautiful polished look for garments.

This dress fabric breathes easily, perfect for sewing light summer garments and dresses. Its easy-care qualities make it a favourite of fashion designers looking to creating stylish clothing pieces. Viscose lawn is lightweight, silky and soft, yet still stable enough to handle without difficulty when sewing your garments. This fabric also has high moisture-wicking properties and a natural sheen that gives it a beautiful look.

Viscose Lawn, Delilah

(pictured viscose lawn little palms)

Viscose Poplin Fabric

Viscose Poplin is a fabric made from two yarns of different thicknesses woven together in a tightly-closed plain weave pattern. The outcome is a strong, lightweight material with a soft and sleek feel that drapes well and dries quickly. It's also breathable and perfect for warmer days.

A good all-rounder; viscose poplin is a type of fabric that combines three great qualities - softness, shine and strength. This fabric is ideal for making men's shirts, everyday dresses and children's clothing.

Hold On - Viscose twill shirting fabric in plum - Fold 1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1
(pictured viscose poplin Cecelia - Rhubarb | Paisley Punch | Cecelia - Blue)

Viscose Challis Fabric

The characteristics of viscose challis are a plain weave, silky feel - almost like a lawn. With excellent drape, these fabrics are a great choice for designing fluid dresses, skirts, blouses and tops. Viscose challis fabrics are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and their soft touch adds a luxurious feel to any garment.

These fabrics drape wonderfully, are wrinkle-resistant and easy to take care of makes it a popular choice for all kinds of wardrobe items.

A fabulous choice using as a lining fabric, as its lightweight nature means it won’t bunch up or add bulk to the garment when sewn onto other fabrics.

Hold On - Viscose twill shirting fabric in plum - Fold 1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1
(pictured viscose challis fabrics)

Viscose Jersey Fabric

Viscose jersey is the ideal choice for creating garments that fit close to the body. The fabric's ability to drape and 'cling' sets it apart from other jersey fabrics, but it also offers excellent breathability and comfort and can be very flattering. With its beautiful drape and flattering fit, viscose jersey will hug your curves and flatter your figure in all the right ways. It's moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool on hot days.

Weights can vary, often between 130 and 195gsm. The heavier weight is more sturdy. Best sewn on an overlocker, this fabric is better to try when you have a little sewing experience. Viscose jersey fabric is suited for making apparel for all seasons, versatile enough for summer dresses to cosy winter tops.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it's also easy to care for – just machine wash on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat!

Luxury Ponte - Ochre

(pictured Rosie Posie Jersey - Black | Peace Lily Jersey - Pink | Majorelle Garden Jersey | Tokyo Flow Jersey | Black Orchid Jersey | Peace Lily Jersey - Mint | Rosie Posie Jersey - Teal)

Viscose Satin Fabric

You can get viscose in a satin weave. Viscose Satins are available in a variety of weights. The heavier weights are very luxurious, excellent for evening wear and special occasion dresses. With the lighter options being used for casual dresses that may still transition well from day to night.

A viscose satin will both hang and drape better than a cotton satin for example, but will have better breathability than a polyester satin. This type of viscose blend is popular amongst sewers because it's easy to work with, affordable and still has the same sleek look as traditional satin fabrics.

With its luxurious look and feel, viscose satin can add a touch of glamour to any wardrobe!

Hold On - Viscose twill shirting fabric in plum - Fold 1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1 Viscose Twill - Bright Red -  Dress - Fabric - cu1
(pictured City Steve - Black | Viscose Satin -Precious | City Steve - Aubergine)

So there you have it, our guide to the most popular viscose fabric weaves. Let us know if there is anything you'd like us to cover in our next blog - email

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