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Classy Crepe Fabrics at Croft Mill

The term 'crepe' is given to fabrics that have a distinctive puckered or crinkled appearance. Crepe can be made from all different kinds of natural fibres including silk, wool and cotton as well as synthetic fibres like polyester. As there are so many different kinds of crepe fabrics, they can be used to create an array of items from garments like dresses, trousers and tops to soft furnishings like pillows and curtains. They are also great for lots of different craft applications.

One of the most beautiful and luxurious types of crepe fabric is Crepe de Chine, which is French for 'Crepe from China'. These delightful fabrics are made using tightly-twisted yarns. Crepe de Chine fabrics do not have the puckered appearance that is typical of standard crepe fabrics, instead boasting a beautifully-smooth matte finish that displays slight pebbling.

Here at Croft Mill, you can choose from a wide and diverse selection of crepe fabrics, including:

Set Piece: A Different Prospective.

Made from 98% polyester with 2% added elastane to provide stretch, this black crepe fabric has a gorgeous pattern of fine ribs.

Perfect for making stylish jackets and trousers, this set piece is currently available with a 10% price discount.

Set Piec

Triple Crepe.

These wonderful crepe fabrics have a heavy weight and a sumptuous draping quality.

An extensive selection of colour options includes Fuchsia, Jet Black, Ivory, Summer Lemon, Lime, Teal, Silver, White, French Navy and Deepest Darkest Purple.

Triple Crepe

Crepe de Chine: Picasso.

Weighing in at a feather-light 120gsm, this is an ideal fabric for creating flowing garments for the summer weather.

The fabric is of a dazzling pure white colour with abstract, painterly black details. 

Crepe de Chine

Prestige Crepe.

Wide soft, polyester crepe cloth in purple, which in its own way is just as wonderful, it doesnt crease & you can chuck it in the washing machine it wont lose it character and is of a weight suitable for dresses and trousers and so go on... enjoy!

Prestige Crepe


Lightweight and super-soft, Avenger is a stunning crepe dress fabric in a rich ivory colour.

Onto this subtle background has been printed a small-scale design comprising repeating patterns of five dots, resulting in a truly hypnotic visual aesthetic. 


Please browse the Croft Mill website to discover our complete collection of crepe fabrics. 

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