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Easy Sewing, Relaxed Summer Fabrics & Patterns

Step into the world of relaxed summer sewing and discover fabrics and patterns that effortlessly capture the essence of the season. From breathable linens to comfortable cotton, we’ll guide you through easy choices that embrace simplicity and style. Get ready to create a wardrobe that embodies the laid-back spirit of summer in just a few stitches!


Pima cotton lawn is ideal for the Paola Dress and Top Pattern from Maison Fauve. Its lightweight nature ensures breathability and comfort during hot summer days. With a soft drape and smooth texture, it's easy to work with, allowing for effortless stitching and a polished finished look.

Our collection of pima cotton lawns feature a variety of delightful prints that exude summer vibes. From vibrant florals to playful geometric designs, you'll find an array of options to suit your personal style.


Interlock cotton jersey is the perfect choice for the Kitt Knit Dress Pattern from Style Arc. Its stretchy and breathable nature ensures a comfortable and flattering fit. With its soft texture and excellent recovery, it's easy to sew and allows for effortless movement, making it an ideal fabric choice for a relaxed and stylish summer dress. We have just added 11 new colours to our range too!


Linen mix fabric is an excellent choice for the Fielder Dress and Top Pattern from Merchant and Mills. These particular fabrics are a blend of linen and viscose, which offers a lightweight, breathable and beautifully draping fabric that’s ideal for warmer weather. With its natural texture and minimal wrinkling, it’s easy to work with and requires minimal maintenance. This material embodies the relaxed elegance of the season.


Cotton poplin and cotton lawn are two fantastic choices for summer sewing. Cotton poplin boasts a crisp and durable texture, making it easy to work with and ensuring well-structured garments. Meanwhile, cotton lawn offers a lightweight and breathable fabric with a soft drape, perfect for creating flowy and comfortable pieces. Both fabrics come in a wide array of delightful prints, allowing you to effortlessly bring vibrant patterns to life in your summer wardrobe.


Why not try our crinkled poly/cotton fabrics with the Hope Woven Dress Pattern from Style Arc. The textured appearance adds a unique charm and intriguing dimension to the garment, making it perfect for a relaxed summer look. These materials have a slightly sheer quality, allowing for better ventilation and a lighter feel that’s ideal for sunny days. With its easy-care nature and stylish appearance, crinkled poly/cotton is a standout fabric for your summer sewing endeavours.


Dreaming of your next tropical getaway? These Hawaiian-inspired cotton lawn fabrics are an excellent choice to pair with the Men’s Tropical Shirt Pattern by Wardrobe By Me. This pattern offers a casual, short sleeved button-up shirt with a convertible collar, ideal for warm weather wear. Providing a comfortable fit and allowing ease of movement, this pattern paired with our vivid cotton lawn, ‘Honolulu’, transports us to sunny holiday destinations! Relax in style with this perfect pairing that is a pleasure to sew!

We hope this blog has inspired you to embark on a creative journey of easy sewing with some of our fabrics and patterns. Our range of fabrics chosen are ones which elevate your style whilst keeping cool and comfortable. The pattern choices offer endless possibilities to craft garments that effortlessly embody the spirit of the sunny season. Now is the time to experiment with prints and textures and create your own relaxed summer wardrobe – happy sewing!

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