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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 9 - Episode 5 Recap

I would love to have taken part in this week’s episode of The Great British Sewing Bee.  This week was 'Art week' and was all about having fun. I love reminiscing about my student days when we were let loose with calico creating sculptural items on mannequins, not having to worry about the construction. You can just let your imagination run wild. They embarked on a creative journey, tackling three fabulous challenges that drew inspiration from the world of art. From deconstructing huge painted canvases created by Leeds art students, to stitching Matisse 'cut out' inspired skirts and making a garment inspired by their favourite pieces of art, the contestants made some awe-inspiring creations . Beware – Spoilers ahead!


Pattern challenge

The sewers kicked off with a bang in the pattern challenge! There was taffeta galore and a rainbow of colours swirling around the sewing room. But let me tell you, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. They had to whip up a skirt that took its cue from the modernist art movement. Picture this: a Matisse cut out painting stitched as a skirt with a massive Esme-approved bow to tie it all together. The contestants had to create abstract shapes and sew them beautiful to the fabric using a technique called appliqué. Lots of curves and circles to sew flat, oh how some struggled to make those appliqués behave and lie flat in a totally random, artsy way. When the skirts all came together for judging they looked fabulous, and how awesome a job it must be for Patrick and Esme when they come back for judging. Pure pleasure. 


Transformation Challenge

Now this is the bit I would love to have got stuck into. We saw the sewers have a blast turning gigantic canvases, painted by local Leeds art students, into fabulous dresses! It was all about getting creative with the sculptural fabric and incorporating the painted designs into their masterpieces. There were some jaw-dropping designs that emerged from this challenge. From Asmaa's mesmerizing swirl bust feature to Laurens' purple sculptured dress, they really knew how to make a statement. Each dress had its own unique charm and they were all absolutely fabulous in their own special way.


Made to Measure

For the made to measure challenge this week the sewers took a trip into the world of the 20th-century surrealist movement. Inspired by dreams and the subconscious, they had to unleash their inner visionaries and design mind-bending outfits for a truly unique catwalk experience. The results were out of this world! Mia wowed us all with her pom pom cloud creation, bringing a touch of whimsy and playfulness. And Tony R's "this is a dress" dress? Absolutely fabulous in its understated simplicity, making a bold statement. The sewers really let their imagination run wild, and we were blown away by the fantastical creations they brought to life on that catwalk. It was a surreal fashion extravaganza!

Sewing Bee Blog Images  (1600 × 380 px)

Episode Inspiration

Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Chiffon_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Taffeta_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round
Chiffon Faux Leather Taffeta Lace
Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Stretch_Velvet_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lisa_Pattern_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round
Stretch Velvette Georgette Monsterfabriken - Lisa Plain Cotton Jersey

Garment of the Week went to Fauves faux leather and lace showstopper, it was a fabulous piece of art we could totally see on the high street!

We had to say farewell to Tony W (who’s velvet dress we adored btw) we are going to miss his quiet, calm-headedness.

Next Week – Childrens week!

Sewing Bee Image Credit: BBC/Love Productions/­James Stack | Image Credit: Monsterfabriken
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