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Glastonbury, V, The Big Chill, Bestival, it's The Festival Fabric Season

The festival season is upon us and wow what a summer we are having so far. Can it last? I hope so. Glastonbury looked amazing this year, as a TV onlooker I bounced around my living room just wishing I was there wandering around in my festival regalia and massive straw hat listening to all the sounds it had to offer. Its 8 years since I was last there and how it has changed since my first visit in 1997, I love the festival season and all of them have something different to offer but one thing is for sure - looking cool has to be on the agenda. Festivals have definitely become more of a fashion show over the years but I never found stuff that was individual enough so always made something for the festival season.

I am hoping to get to Bestival this year – work permitting and am making a maxi dress from our Let it Boggle and Maxi fabrics. I am using Vogue Pattern V1160 and Butterick Pattern B5176 which I bought from sewing world. I love dresses made on the bias and these patterns will be great for a Christmas dress too. Our summer fabrics have been selling fast with this heatwave but there are still some to make a mini jumpsuit, maxi dress or even something just to hem for a lovely scarf which you can silly amounts of money for, our Bestival fabric would be great for that, its light and versatile you can cover your shoulders if it’s too hot or wrap it around your head.  I have made a little selection of fabrics I think would be great for both a hot and a wet festival in our Festival Fabrics section.

If the rain comes as it did at the V Festival I went to a few years ago one year then the simple solution is a lightweight cape. You can take it off if the sun comes out and when you get in the crowded and sweaty tents. We have some fantastic Henri Lloyd waterproofs that you could make into a cape really easily. Literally you could just cut a slit in the centre and sew on a hood and put a seam up to give an armhole. In fact wear a hat and dont even bother with a hood. 2mtrs would do it, you get top to toe coverage instantly and if it’s as lightweight as our black Pertex waterproof fabric  you could almost get it in a purse - it’s that good! The ones you buy at the festivals are never really waterproof and these fabrics are seriously good and seriously waterproof. Make them even better and personalise them with something on the front.

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