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The Great Shipping Debate - The Croft Mill website is set up to ship to Europe

It has been very complimentary as we are constantly contacted regarding shipping our fabrics abroad. Up until now we have been organising the parcels on an individual basis but to make this better we have wanted to get reasonable rates as standard so that you can purchase online therefore making the process much smoother for both parties. It is almost impossible to come up with a one stop solution as every courier has pages and pages of restrictions, surcharges, limitations etc per country. If we had a one box product the solution it would be much easier but as have many different products that can be combined to create 100+ scenarios we can offer one price for parcels of to 30KG. The great news is that we have secured set rates with our present courier to most EU countries; information of which we can be found on our shipping page. Prices for parcels less than 2KG we realise would be cheaper but as most of our customers buy more than 2Kg we hope that this is a reasonable solution. If you do find a cheaper quote online then we are always happy to have a look at it if you send us a link, but please bear in mind that online quotes often change regularly dependant on how much they buy their space for on a daily basis and that a small admin and packaging fee of £2.50 will be applied.

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