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Last chance saloon - wrap your roof in England fabric

At last the world cup is here, the flags are out and the pubs are full and the sun is out, life is good right? The excitement, the hope, the pride! My husband is remaining positive about England’s campaign, ‘but Italy started off badly’ and they won it in 2006 I hear – oh the faith he has, it’s wonderful! I on the other hand have come to expect such a performance, maybe it is my youthfulness as I only recollect disappointing performances under pressure from an English squad. I really hope that I will be proved wrong but these multi millionaire play boys can’t seem to get their act together.I watched Portugal last night and I don’t know whether it is just that I am blinded by Ronaldo or just how the team move the ball but it was a pleasure to watch. I am no expert so I hope I don’t offend you and dearly hope England improve and get some guts into their game. Maybe the pressure is too much, maybe they care too much but please give us something to get excited about and give us a little hope on Wednesday please. Good luck England! It is for this reason that we are almost giving away our St Georges cross fabric at £3.50mtr, if they go through you can wrap your roof in it!

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