Croft Mill

Glorious Tailor's Linings


These are words used to describe many things we don’t understand from lunacy to simple meandering. It’s used to describe me as I wander lonely as a cloud amongst fields of fabric, rolls falling down, stacks collapsing when you have to remove something from near the bottom, and indeed I can and do get carried away. One such occasion presents itself now. These cloths were described to me as taffetas; I had no reason to argue with that until the cloth arrived. They are certainly not straight forward taffetas, they appear to be made of polyester/­viscose and acetate which gives much more body than the usual taffeta and enables the clothes to have a reasonable amount of weight and quite a bit of character. This will help with any draping you need of the cloth. They have come from a tailor and I believe they were linings for expensive suits. There are quite a few so you will have to pay attention, glasses on, and hearing aids in.

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