Croft Mill

Wonderful Soft Fur Fabrics From Croft Mill


60” wide fake fur fabric as I’ve only seen a couple of times in my little lot in cloth, well I’ve actually seen it but I have not been able to afford to get it although there will be some of you who will remember, oh 20 years ago, when we had a bevy of some wonderful fur fabrics from France.  These are from the same place and more expensive now than they were then, which goes without saying as 20 years is a long time but the quality is just the same.

a) The first one is a black fur; the pile is about ½” almost 1½cms and is as cuddly as a grizzly bear can be.


b) Virtually the same fur but this time in a slightly longer staple fur and in a cloth I would describe as a two tone pinky beige; some would describe it as mink; they would be wrong; pinky beige would be better; slightly thicker than the black cloth.


c) A black and deep turquoise animal print fur (I don’t know what animal, it probably isn’t a copy of any particular animal fur although some may see it but certainly you have never seen a black and turquoise animal have you?  But it’s just fantastic to look at and wonderful to touch; the pile is slightly finer and shorter than the other two, but in terms of appearance and softness it’s at least their equal.

The not so clever news is that it is £25.00 per metre but it is cheap at that. I promise you.  Don’t miss it.

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