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New corduroy dress and suiting fabrics in



Somewhere a place for us, peace and quiet and open air, wait for us somewhere.  An asylum if you ask me, did I hear someone say?  A place of course could be Croft Mill where sadly there’s no peace and open air, just cloth, 4 walls and a roof where recently we’ve landed ourselves in a sea of corduroy fabric.  Some of the best corduroy is still made not a million miles away from here and goes into trousers and jackets in some of the most highly regarded men’s home shopping booklets, no names, no pack drill, but they do all believe they are terribly exclusive.  This little selection is the best I’ve come across in my time at Croft Mill.  All cotton, all 60” wide and in a fair wide variety of different types of cord.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Here we go. 

Superfine black needlecord fabric

Fine needlecord but much heavier than the black one; this comes in a dark red needlecord

Burgundy 6 wale satin-finished corduroy fabric with a softer handle in a corduroy you have ever felt

4 wale corduroy fabric in a very dark brown, might even be the heaviest of the lot

Antique gold 6 wale corduroy fabric exactly as the burgundy one mentioned previously

6 wale corduroy fabric in a colour that is a cross between an apple green and beige

8 wale corduroy fabric in a pale rust where one wale is slightly coarser, ie thicker, than the next one

8 wale corduroy fabric in a shade of orange again where one wale is slightly coarser

8 wale corduroy fabric in a very pale gold 

8 wale corduroy in brown  another very soft cord; this time the body of the cord being brown but the back cloth is green so it has a way of catching the light for it to be neither one thing or t’other but we have had this before (you may recall a couple of years ago); very classy cloth.

6 wale corduroy fabric in a soft minky grey.

A 60” wide dark brown 8 wale corduroy (might even be 10 wale) which has had, it says, a washing but I don’t quite understand it.  I think it is a finish that has been made to look as though the cloth has already been used.....

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