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Change of layout to the website

We have made a few changes to the layout of the website. It is all in the pursuit of making it easier for you to find the fabrics you want. Things were getting a little heavy in the left hand menu and it felt like one could scroll to kingdom come. Not wanting to frustrate we have tried to break it down by placing some under existing or new categories. To see sub categories just hover your mouse over the main categories on the left and all the sub menus appear. We hope it is better but please do let us know if things don’t seem to work.

‘Fabric by Type’ is where many of the categories have moved to. To be fair all the fabrics could be in here but some have been left on the left menu as they have further sub sections for easy navigation.  

We often get asked about when our fabrics are coming back into stock and because we presently don’t have the function to email you when they are we thought it may be a good idea simply to add them along with the new fabrics for now, hence the re-titled ‘New and Re-stocked’ category.

We have added ‘fabric by colour’ and ‘fabric by pattern’. It’s not groundbreaking but it may help you find things to co-ordinate or quickly see what we have. We have done this just in case people don’t use the search box as this will find almost anything you are looking for as long as it is spelt correctly. We haven’t gone mad, well we don’t think we have, so if we haven’t listed the pattern or colour you want please just type it in the search box and voila!

In the endeavour to make it easier to find the fabric you want it does mean that there can be duplication as fabrics come under more than one category. We only hope that making it easier to find outweighs any frustration.

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