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Nana Makes - Girls dresses from Croft Mill fabric

Not that any of you need inspiration but we are very lucky to have our resident Nana B who creates and has been making stuff all her life as many of our customers have. Here are some dresses she has been making for my little girl. ‘Why do you buy dresses for her when I can make them’ – I don’t know actually, so I no longer buy much for her and Nana B is busy at her sewing machine once again, just as she made clothes for me out of Croft Mill fabric when I was a little girl, well to be honest until I rebelled and wanted to buy stuff. Maybe I should have put that money in the bank? She taught herself to sew when she was 14 at a time when you simply couldn’t afford to buy clothes. I am very lucky as she taught me to sew however, between this business, a ten month old baby and a little girl sadly it will have to wait a while. I am just very lucky to have a mum that is so talented. She makes chairs too!!!

Nana Makes - Sacha Dresses web 

She uses old patterns that she has had for years or picks up at charity shops. She often makes them up or changes them but I have added the pictures of the one she used for these dresses McCalls M6022 and Butterick B4842

Nana Makes - Patterns.

Some of the fabrics we no longer have but you will find similar if you click on the links below.


Blue cotton corduroy dress


Red cotton jersey dress

The blue corduroy dress is from a decent weight of corduroy fabric, we have thinner ones, a shirting weight which could also be used.

The red dress is made in a check jersey fabric, it’s a decent weight and hangs beautifully, the top is lined with blue dress lining. We have a selection of jersey fabrics in different weights and widths.


Pollyanna Cotton Poplin Dress

 Fruity Cotton Poplin Dress
The black and white dress is from fabric in our standard craft width poplin cotton fabric range.  

We also have similar fabrics to the purple one in our general printed cotton fabrics range. You can’t go wrong with these as they are so easy to sew and look so pretty.

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