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Megan Nielsen - Hovea Curve Jacket & Coat Pattern (Sizes 14-34)

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Difficulty: Confident Beginner

Size: 14-34


The Hovea Curve is a relaxed-fit jacket and coat with a drop shoulder design. This versatile pattern offers a range of lengths and features including deep angled pockets, options for unlined, fully lined or quilted finishes, and closures with either belts or ties.

There are six different views of the Hovea Curve pattern to choose from. View A is a mid-length jacket without lining and includes a collar band. View B is also a mid-length jacket, but this one features a quilted finish with binding. View C is a longer coat with a collar band and belt. View D is a quilted version of the coat with binding. View E is a shorter, unlined jacket with a collar band, while View F is a quilted version of that same cropped jacket, complete with binding.

Fabric Suggestions

For Views B, D, and F, it is recommended to use light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, chambray, blends, and others. Thick fabrics should be avoided, as they can make these versions appear bulky due to the quilted design.

On the other hand, Views A, C, and E are best made with medium weight fabrics like linen, cotton, or medium to heavy weight coating fabrics like boiled wool, felted wool or wool suiting.

Pre-quilted fabrics can be used for any of the views, as they are suitable for all styles.


  • 30 cm (1/3 yd) lightweight fusible interfacing for collar (Views A, C and E)
  • Quilt batting (Views B, D and F)

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