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New Fabric Collection

Much has been said in recent times about Gordon Brown and his suitability to lead the country. What on earth does that mean? He follows what people tell him he ought to be leading and as a result, because they in turn don’t know what to do because they haven’t got a leader to follow, they then turn to the Humphrey Appleby’s of this world who knowing that the others don’t know get away with murder. That is why your bin will be emptied when a civil servant says, not when you know it ought to be because it’s full………….

That was a little test, because the tape machine into which I speak went pear shaped or more specifically the tape went funny so that every few words it went zzzz thus obliterating any sense, It will be interesting to see how that tape, before I discovered the fault, comes out when transcribed by a committee, ably organised by my wife. All alone am I unusually for a Monday, there is nobody in the whole mill which suggests, because it is a glorious day, that I should be playing golf. However somebody has to work. Last evening we went to a concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to see Beth Neilson Chapman, the first non-serious music event we have attended. We got tickets at the last minute, the seats were a long way up with the heat rising and feet swelling. She is a wonderful singer; one of her more famous ditties is the heading I have used for this little leaflet. It’s going to lead to cloth I promise you.

Anyway here goes, our new fabric collection is here. The catalogue is on its way; Download it if you prefer or see the New Collection here!
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