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Two Dresses One Pattern At Croft Mill UK

Here at Croft Mill we have been busy sewing, yes we sell fabric but like to make things too, there are too many fabrics and not enough time to create the amount of clothes that we visualise. One of our customers sent me an image recently that said, 'The one with the most Fabric dies', yes it does sound a bit dramatic but even though there are rooms full of fabric here, between us we also have boxes and cupboards full at our homes. Those who love fabric just have to buy it and put it away because when we see something we just have to have it. Nana B as she is affectionately known has helped out and has made her favourite and admittedly only granddaughter two dresses from such fabrics. Quick and simple to make, there are no zips and it just goes over the head and the buttons fasten at the top, she has simply added some ribbon and lovely buttons to the two pinafore dresses to add some detail. There is a similar one at the sewing world website, New Look pattern 6768. On the Hunter Dress there are ladybird buttons or as my daughter affectionately calls them ‘ladies’. I saw a recent interview with Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell in which Cheryl Cole said that Simon looked after a ladybird that had come to live on his windowsill by leaving it a pot of water. We had a similar situation at home that my daughter loved as she blew it kisses everyday, one day to her disappointment it disappeared but she just loves the buttons on her new dress. These fabrics and similar can be found in our Childrenswear Fabric department.

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