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Linen/Linen Mix


Linen is a favourite fabric for many people, perhaps because linen trousers make you think of summer holidays? Either way, here is where you will find all of our linen and linen mix fabrics.

Photography of When In Doubt

When In Doubt

146cm wide black fairly loose weave 50% linen 45% viscose 5% polyester mix dress fabric perfect when you can’t make your mind up.
Part number: 7214
Photography of Colleen - Gold Pinstripe

Colleen - Gold Pinstripe

145cm wide another black but completely different to Colleen pinstripe as it has a fine gold pinstripe at 2 cm intervals also an Irish linen suiting’s from the very famous maker.
Part number: 2751c
Photography of Colleen - Faint Herringbone

Colleen - Faint Herringbone

132cm wide Lightweight cloth in black with a very faint herringbone pattern weave also a Irish linen suiting’s from the very famous maker.
Part number: 2751a
Photography of Cholesterol


Where all those around you are marching towards summer with a spring in their step, loose lined and quite frankly getting on your nerves. Fear not, Alan is here with an antidote! 142cm wide ridiculously fine chambray 50% linen and 50% cotton.
Part number: 7183
Photography of Linen


Pure and simple 150 cm wide superb quality linen suiting in ivory, absolutely timeless!
Part number: 7180
Photography of Linen -  White

Linen - White

145cm wide soft linen in a white with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: 7168
Photography of Linen - Black

Linen - Black

100% Irish linen in black .
Part number: 8193b
Photography of What 'Ave We 'Ere?

What 'Ave We 'Ere?

A 150cm wide 60% rayon, 30% polyester, 10% linen finely knitted lightweight soft silky dress fabric in a sort of oat meal/cream self-coloured design.
Part number: 8119
Photography of Tahitian Sunrise

Tahitian Sunrise

135cm wide, 55% linen, 43% viscose, with just a hint of stretch to make up the other 2%. The cloth is fairly substantial but not too heavy and has got the most vibrantly colourful print you will ever clap eyes on.
Part number: 8107
Photography of Meredith


Here we have a rather lovely fabric, made from 95% linen, 5% Polyamide and is 150cm wide. A loosely woven muslin, basically a linen muslin fabric a cream colour, fabulous for making very sloppy, floaty garments – better worn somewhere where it is extremel
Part number: 4162
Photography of A Step Back - Honey Linen

A Step Back - Honey Linen

59 inch wide pure linen cloth in a rather fabulous pale honey colour. Beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets.
Part number: 4129e
Photography of Linen - BLACK

Linen - BLACK

59 inch wide pure linen cloth in black. This is a beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets.
Part number: 4129f

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