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Linen/Linen Mix

 Linen is a favourite fabric for many people, perhaps because linen trousers make you think of summer holidays? Either way, here is where you will find all of our linen and linen mix fabrics.

Photography of Linen - Superior - Black

Linen - Superior - Black

This is a 142cm wide, beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets. I tease a little… I think linen is a wonderful cloth. So here we are dark as night - black.
Part number: 1805J13
Photography of Enough Rope

Enough Rope

150cm wide, 68% cotton, 32% Linen trousering in cream with a fancy tiny rope like design at one centimetre intervals, in-between which, is a double line dot design in black and dark beige or black and black.
Part number: 1803M44
Photography of Porridge - Oatmeal

Porridge - Oatmeal

150cm wide. 100% pure linen light weight suiting in oatmeal, a wonderful cloth if you like a well-worn look. This will suit any garment, but not a blouse, it is too heavy for that.
Part number: 1803M42
Photography of Cross Hatch - Denim

Cross Hatch - Denim

A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out denim blue. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a fl
Part number: 2045b
Photography of Sea Shanty

Sea Shanty

This is 155cm wide cotton / linen chambray weave shirting in pale blue, not entirely pale blue of course otherwise it wouldn’t be chambray, there is white in there and it is a mixture with a little bit of intricacy in the weave which makes this a rather f
Part number: 6276
Photography of A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web

This 145cm wide linen lightweight suiting has been dyed in such a way as to give the impression of a stripe of maybe just mottling.
Part number: 7307
Photography of Son Of The Son - The Pale Face

Son Of The Son - The Pale Face

This is 145cm wide pure linen lightweight suiting or shirting in a very pale green with a fine half a centimetre wide cream stripe.
Part number: 7251
Photography of Three Man In A Boat

Three Man In A Boat

This 130cm wide cotton/linen is of a weight suitable for all manner of garments, it has been printed not to suit any.
Part number: 7247
Photography of Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

150cm wide striped linen fabric in deep lilac and cream, the edge of each stripe has a tiny little darker lilac border.
Part number: 7245
Photography of When In Doubt

When In Doubt

146cm wide black fairly loose weave 50% linen 45% viscose 5% polyester mix dress fabric perfect when you can’t make your mind up.
Part number: 7214
Photography of Colleen - Faint Herringbone

Colleen - Faint Herringbone

132cm wide Lightweight cloth in black with a very faint herringbone pattern weave also a Irish linen suiting’s from the very famous maker.
Part number: 2751a
Photography of Linen


Pure and simple 150 cm wide superb quality linen suiting in ivory, absolutely timeless!
Part number: 7180

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