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Linen/Linen Mix


Linen is a favourite fabric for many people, perhaps because linen trousers make you think of summer holidays? Either way, here is where you will find all of our linen and linen mix fabrics.

Photography of Fanciful Furnishing 4.1 m set piece

Fanciful Furnishing 4.1 m set piece

54Ē wide polyester/viscose lightweight furnishing fabric in cream and very pale beige. The design is a floral one, of medium size. There is an awful lot of weave interest and there are highlights in the yarn. So the overall effect is slightly shiny. When
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Part number: 1059
Photography of Academy


150cm wide Italian 70% Cotton and 30% Linen mix suiting.
Part number: 2170
Photography of Adriano - Pea Green

Adriano - Pea Green

A quite unusual, 120cm wide, quite umpty cotton and linen broderie anglaise skirt fabric, in either a lovely dark red or maybe not so lovely but equally attractive pea green. And I do know that there are lots of different colours of pea green. So you wi
Part number: cm1297b
Photography of The Barn

The Barn

This Cotton/Linen mix lightweight trousering comes in a pale shade of green with some white slubyness in the weave and is neutral enough to mate up with almost anything I think. It has all the attributes unsorted comings of a cotton linen mix cloth but of
Part number: 2169
Photography of Pinot


Cloth comes in a fairly deep red, a bit like a young wine really, it is in fact a very fine back weave dress fabric with an all over but sparsely embroidered design in a slightly lighter yarn. The cloth has
Part number: 2153
Photography of Ready Mix

Ready Mix

Navy blue cotton linen lightweight suiting/ dress fabric which has just enough interest in the weave to highlight the linen. A nice hand and good draping qualities with the creasing qualities of lin
Part number: 2151
Photography of Linen - Brown

Linen - Brown

145cm wide soft linen in a brown with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: 1322n
Photography of Linen - Red

Linen - Red

145cm wide soft linen in a red with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: 1322m
Photography of Square peg round Hole - Saergae

Square peg round Hole - Saergae

155cm wide. Very boring desert beige cotton, linen and viscose lightweight suiting which will go with anything, when youíre as boring as this you need to, the cloth however does have lots of character, a good hand and will make anything you donít want to
Part number: 2037b
Photography of Salt of the earth - Navy Blue Linen

Salt of the earth - Navy Blue Linen

150cm wide. Lightweight linen shirting/suiting in navy blue. This is not a cloth you would look terribly smart in as it creases but then again thatís why you buy linen isnít it.
Part number: 2027a
Photography of TT


A 150cm wide fresh as a daisy striped cotton linen shirting in white, with variegated and different and differing green stripes. The stripes come in series of just one or two, then up to half a dozen, then back to one or two then half a dozen and so forth
Part number: 2076
Photography of Drained


A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out pinky-orange. It isnít washed out of course, itís just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a
Part number: 2045

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