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Sewing: The Record Breakers!

Here at Croft Mill, we are all about sewing. With many thousands of different materials in our collection and a fully-stocked haberdashery to boot, we supply a large and diverse array of sewers with the raw materials they need to create unique clothing and crafts. For this fun edition of our regular blog, we've dived into the record books to discover some world records related to the wonderful craft of sewing.

World's Most Expensive Sewing Machine

As a sewing machine is such a central part of the craft, most sewers want to invest a decent amount of money to get the best. But would you be willing to pay over £25,000?! That's the price that was paid at Christie's auction house in London in 1997 for a sewing machine that used to belong to the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria.

World's Longest Sewing Needle

Our haberdashery offers access to needles of all sizes but none quite so long as this one! The longest sewing needle in the world measured a whopping 2.46m (over 8ft) in length and was made by Praveen Jakhar, Rajbala Choudhary, Alok Sharma and Nishant Choudhary in Jaipur, India. As demanded by the official world record guidelines, the needle was used successfully to make 15 stitches on two pieces of fabric.

Most People Sewing Simultaneously

Ever hosted or been to a sewing party? If not then you really should; sewing together with like-minded people is inspiring, lots of fun and can boost your productivity. You have a long way to go to break the world record though! The most people gathered together and sewing simultaneously was 606, all of whom were workers at Malaysian retail company Mostwell Sdn Bhd.

World's Fastest 'Sheep to Suit'

The quickest time to create a full three-piece suit from shearing a sheep to sewing the garments is just one hour, two minutes and 36 seconds. This amazing feat was carried out by members of the textile division at FH Monchengladbach University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

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