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Fabrics for Making Gorgeous Gifts

Love is in the air! Monday 14th February will be Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to showing your loved ones exactly how you feel about them. And what better way to do it than by giving them a handmade gift? Here at Croft Mill, we have thousands of different fabrics in stock, allowing you to craft and create the ideal Valentine's Day present.

Valentine's Day was established way back in 496 AD to pay tribute to St. Valentine of Rome. It is said that St. Valentine was imprisoned during the persecution of Christians under the Roman Empire, charged with ministering to and marrying Christians in contravention with Roman law. 

Legend has it that, during his imprisonment, St. Valentine fell in love with his jailer's daughter, who was blind; St. Valentine supposedly restored her sight. Before he was taken to be executed, St. Valentine wrote the jailer's daughter a note which he simply signed 'from your Valentine'. This started a tradition that persists to this day when we write cards to our loved ones for Valentine's Day.

A symbol globally associated with love is the heart and so fabrics with heart-shaped prints are perfect for creating all manner of Valentine's Day gifts. Our Poplin Prints collection contains three fabrics decorated with hearts in a selection of colour themes. Poplin is an extremely versatile fabric and can be used to create all sorts of different gifts from clothing to crafts and furnishings. We also stock plain cotton poplin in pink and red, two colours also strongly associated with love.

Our Glitter Jersey Kiss fabrics are also ideal for creating lovely gifts and are available in a range of different colour themes. Made from 95% cotton with 5% added elastane for stretch, the print on these fabrics will leave the recipient in no doubt of your intentions!

If the love of your life has a particular special interest, then crafting a gift for them around that theme is a great idea. Perhaps they are a dab hand in the kitchen, in which case you could try making them a beautiful yet useful present in the form of an apron using our sturdy bone canvas fabric. We also have vegan leather-look cork fabrics for the eco-conscious, perfect for creating everything from bookmarks to bags and purses.

Pet-lovers will adore our selection of dog and cat fabrics, while those with an ear for music will be blown away by gifts made from our materials decorated with musical notes. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the Croft Mill website to discover our complete range of fabrics and remember that you can use our powerful selection of filters to find suitable fabrics by colour, theme, use and many more. Happy Valentine's Day to all at Croft Mill!

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