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Spring Into The 70's With Retro Fabrics

Denim is a hard-wearing fabric, so if you make an item out of this you will be able to wear it many times without it losing its charm. For a 70's feel focus on making A-line skirts and dresses, not only are they on trend they are also fairly simple to sew and flattering for most people. If you are feeling daring, you could even add on a patch pocket or two for a stronger 70's vibe. 

Another fabric you should try, and one that was iconic for the 70's is faux suede. Suede is a soft fabric that can be used in a multitude of ways: jackets, dresses, skirts. If you are do not feel able to create a full garment out of suede, it can easily by fringed and added on to existing articles to give a very distinctive nod to the era. 

We have also updated our 'Sewing for Spring' blog so that it features fabrics, patterns and ideas for 70's style sewing. 


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