Croft Mill

Stunning cotton moleskin fabrics just in.

We have a selection of moleskin and moleskin type cloths, some heavier than others. I will start with the heaviest. All 60in wide.

 A sumptuous moleskin fabric in a light mushroom/ brown colour, traditional hunting shooting fishing weight. £10.00 per metre. I know that might have made you wince, but you need to see the cloth. I have, it's beautiful. We have approximately 35 metres.




Not nearly so heavy, is a brown and darker brown twill weave moleskin, which I suppose looks like a fine diagonal stripe even though it isn't. You get diagonal stripes in the weaving process using different coloured yarns. Only 10 to 15 metres of this. £7.50 per metre.




Reasonably heavy moleskin, and a staggering colour, dark mustard. I have seen trousers in this colour in very posh shops at up to £70-£80 a pair when reduced. Be different.  £7.50 per metre.




An extremely dark brown moleskin cloth in an average weight cloth of which we have about 20 metres. £6.00 per metre.




A tanny brown of which we have only 10 metres.  £6.00 per metre.

A navy blue moleskin fabric, of which we have only 10 metres. £6.00 per metre.





A scrumptious light appley green moleskin fabric at. £6.00 per metre.

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