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The Chino Trend

Chino cloth is a twill fabric usually made from cotton. Originally used in British and French military uniforms in the mid-1800s, today it is also used to make civilian clothing.

The term chino is a bastardisation of the word China used by American troops returning from the Philippines after the Spanish American War with their military trousers which were made in China.  So ‘chinos’ were born; lightweight cotton trousers. Worn during the Second World War and to save fabric during this time they had no pleats and were tapered at the bottom of the leg.

Miu Miu Navy Chinos & Chloe Military Shorts

It’s only the beginning of Spring but Chino’s and all thing military will be a big trend this Summer. The staple military style beige and the classic Khaki but also think pink, white, green, red and yellow. Above; the classic style by Miu Miu and classic colour in Chloe's military style shorts.

Any colour goes though and there are also lots of different styles, shapes and lengths. The traditional classic and the new slouchy shape rolled up worn with pumps. See what they say on the telegraph website on how to wear it.

The Chino Mix 


Aubin and Willis Chinos


Not all our cotton trouserings are light enough to fall into that category but we have both light and heavier weight cotton twill trouserings in many different colours, some of which would fall into the classic Chino weight. Anyway, take a look at our chino/ cotton twill/ trousering cloths and fabrics.


 Out of Print Chino trouser pattern

This is an out of print,uncut with original factory folds,sewing pattern from Simplicity for "Simply the Best Chinos" pants available at

Or if you would like something a little crisper

Trouser Patterns

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