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Summer? What Summer! Anyone need waterproof fabrics?

Do you need waterproof fabrics? I heard something on the radio the other day and I thought ‘what a good question’......., ‘is it possible there is a place where it rains all the time?’ The answer unsurprisingly was no but I know how this caller must have been feeling; maybe they were from down the road. Pendle is a beautiful part of the world but it ain’t half wet, crikey I feel submerged. You could say that conversations about the weather are all consuming in our office, more often than not it’s about managing the outside drying of our washing and the lack of such a pleasure. Maybe I could use this fabric and build a massive poly tunnel?

Or maybe not as these new waterproof fabrics are very fine lightweight polyester with a breathable coating applied to one side making it a very pliable, soft cloth. It you want to cover a sleeping bag or repair an old down jacket and you want it to be waterproof, then this is the cloth to do it with. Thay are 60” (152 cm) wide, £5.00 per metre and it comes in;


 a) dark olive waterproof fabric  b) cerise waterproof fabric
 c) black waterproof fabric  d) bright apple green waterproof fabric
 e) air force blue waterproof fabric  f) red waterproof fabric








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