Croft Mill

Vintage Pure New British Wool Tweed Cloth

As I speak to you, the temperature outside is 7.5 degrees and here inside this particular part of the mill, it is less than that.  So I thought to myself why not.  We’ve got a little collection of tweeds, fine tweeds, woven on very old looms.  I’d like to think that they were hand looms but I don’t think they are.  The cloth is  only 1 m (39”) wide, in fact it’s not quite that wide.  It has a little bit of a rough hand to it, not a lot, but it is not a silky cloth, in the way that a modern worsted wool cloth is.  They are genuine British tweed cloths woven with different coloured yarns. 

I wasn’t supposed to tell you about these.  I was due to save them but I just felt that way out and, even though they are narrow, they have a bit of history do these cloths and they are nicely made, you could say vintage as they were woven by midsummer weavers in the 80's. they are £7.00 per metre, which if you double it up to £14.00 for a wider cloth you will not get a better cloth for anything like that kind of money, no matter where you go. 

Basically they come in

 a) heathery green pure new wool tweed  b) dark green pure new wool tweed
 c) beige pure new wool tweed  d) blues pure new wool tweed
 e) brown pure new wool tweed  




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