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Sustainable Dress Fabrics: Design with Deadstock!

When textile mills produce materials to be used for creating designer clothing, they very often produce more than is needed. This leftover material (known as 'deadstock fabrics') is often disposed of in landfill or is burned: needless to say, neither of these options is particularly kind to the environment!

Wasting fabric in this way is indefensible and Croft Mill helps to prevent such wastage by purchasing ex-designer dress fabrics and making them available to our customers. We bring these deadstock fabrics back into circulation, helping to protect the environment and also allowing our customers to source amazing materials at a fraction of their original cost. Everyone's a winner!

The Croft Mill selection of ex-designer dress fabrics currently includes:

  • Italian Crepe. Crafted from a carefully-created blend of polyester, viscose and spandex, these Italian crepe fabrics are absolutely stunning. The material is strong and of medium weight with just the right amount of give, allowing you to make well-fitted dresses, skirts and top with ease. Available in a diverse palette of 12 different colour options: Berry, Black, Damson, Dark Grey, Khaki, Lipstick, Mustard, Plum, Sienna, Silver Grey, Taupe and Teal.
    Italian Crepe.
  • Gold Leaf. Onto a jet black grosgrain fabric, a fabulous floral design has been emblazoned using gold leaf that glitters like precious jewels. This sustainable dress material has a wonderful depth and texture that is absolutely hypnotic. Perfect for creating structured garments, Gold Leaf is a fabulously firm fabric.
    Gold Leaf
  • Dark Material. This interesting and unusual material combines jacquard wool with viscose, cotton and acrylic and is rendered in rich, deep tones of navy blue and dark grey accented with pure black. A raised design comprising abstract leaf shapes has been added to this attractive base. The fabric is soft and comfortable yet has plenty of body, making it suitable for creating a variety of stylish garments from dresses to jackets. 
    Dark Material

All of the ex-designer dress fabrics currently available from Croft Mill have been listed together for your convenience in a dedicated section of our website. The range is often updated as new deadstock fabrics become available: if you want to be among the first to find out when new fabrics are added to our collection, simply subscribe to receive our free, feature-packed newsletter. Happy crafting!

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