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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 9 - Episode 6 Recap

This week’s edition of the Great British Sewing Bee brought back children’s week. From fluffy fabrics to bold prints, the sewing room was ablaze with inspiration. Join us as we journey through a tapestry of colourful fabrics and fabulous designs, celebrating the ingenuity and imagination that went into dressing our little fashionistas. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of kids week – oh and spoilers ahead!


Pattern challenge

This week’s pattern challenge was a whimsical dragon dressing gown. The task saw the sewers tackle some thick towelling fabric, carefully fashioning fearsome dragon spikes that would bring this magical creature to life. The rough seams, in need of a polished touch, were lovingly adorned with neat binding, ensuring every detail was perfect. And what would a dragon be without its captivating features? And oh, the hoods! Adorned with googly eyes (Fauve had us in stitches with hers) and spiky teeth that lent an extra dose of whimsy, they truly became the stuff of children's dreams.


Transformation Challenge

During the transformation challenge, the sewers got the opportunity to put their own personal touch on denim jackets they unleashed their creativity upon denim jackets, transforming them into unique works of art. With the freedom to employ appliqué, add exquisite trims, or embark on daring decons­truc­tions, the results were nothing short of FABulous! Among the unforgettable masterpieces, one design stood out from the crowd: Tony's astonishing dinosaur make-over, which captured our hearts and ignited a sense of pure fascination.


Made to Measure

Mini-models stole the spotlight in this weeks’ made to measure. We saw the bee’s craft enchanting special-occasion outfits tailored specifically for five-year-olds. Their designs had to strike the perfect balance between party-ready glamour and comfort, ensuring ample freedom for all the game playing and exuberant dancing these kids will surely be getting down to.

I must admit I’d never thought of using neoprene to make a dress but Tony’s idea for his dress was inspired! Vicki shone for me as a lover of Disney-inspired dress up, and I’m totally behind Fauves jumpsuit idea because we all know a little lady out there who hates all this dressing up nonsense but would find this fabulous!

Episode Inspiration

Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Chiffon_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Taffeta_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round
Cotton Lawn Buttons Corduroy Denim
Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Stretch_Velvet_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lisa_Pattern_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round
Organza Dinosaurs Made by Rae Geranium Dress Terry Towelling

Garment of the Week went to Tony’s neoprene ivory dress! Well deserved and definitely gave us future garment inspiration.

We had to say farewell to Fauve, who we have laughed with these last few weeks and I think she should consider distributing her Patrick Grant voodoo doll nationwide!

Next Week – 90's week!

Sewing Bee Image Credit: BBC/Love Productions/­James Stack | Image Credit: Made by Rae
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