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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 9 - Episode 7 Recap

This weeks episode of the Great British Sewing Bee transported us straight to the 90s, a decade filled with more than just glow sticks and raves. From the utilitarian appeal of combat pants, with their multitude of pockets and rugged charm, to the figure-hugging allure of bodycon dresses that celebrated the female form, each garment spoke volumes about the spirit of the era.

While the 90s may be known for its vibrant club scene, this week's Sewing Bee proved that the decade had much more to offer in terms of style. Contestants showcased their sewing prowess as they tackled the challenge of recreating iconic pieces that captured the essence of 90s fashion.

Join us as we dissect the captivating designs, the nods to nostalgia, and the creative interpretations that brought the 90s back to life on The Great British Sewing Bee. So, grab your scrunchies, dust off your platforms, and let's take a look at this weeks highlights. Spoilers ahead!


Pattern challenge

In the pattern challenge, the sewing enthusiasts found themselves wrestling with a fashion favourite from the 90s - the iconic cargo trousers. These trousers, worn by everyone from British girl groups to international hip-hop artists, were the order of the day. And they weren't simple to craft either, as the sewers had to master the intricacies of bellows pockets and the delicate manoeuvring of a fly zip. As much as I have a soft spot for the classic camo print, I must admit, the trousers rendered in plain fabrics looked just as splendid.


Transformation Challenge

In the transformation challenge, the talented sewers were handed an array of household textiles, their task? To ingeniously concoct fancy dress outfits that paid tribute to our favourite celebrities from the 90s.

Vickis design truly captured my fancy with her glow stick pocket a distinctive feature that immediately whisked us back to the rave scene that was such a huge part of the decade There was the generous helping of Scary and Ginger Spice courtesy of Lauren, Vicki, and Tony. Their creations truly encapsulated the daring and distinctive style that made these Spice Girls members stand out. It was fab tribute that brought plenty of energy and colour to the challenge. It seems the spirit of the 90s is alive and well within our sewers!


Made to Measure

In the Made-to-Measure Challenge, the sewers grappled with the infamous supermodel dress - a testament to the glamour and lavishness of the 90s era. Bodycon and body-skimming styles were the epitome of this trend, representing a high-water mark in fashion elegance.

Asmaas' creation was a particular standout, a dazzling spectacle that captured everyone's attention. The level of detail was incredible, and her choice of fabric was nothing short of brilliant - the combination of leather and lace exuded a bold, distinct style.

Meanwhile, Vicki's use of boning in her satin dress earned our wholehearted applause. Her attention to detail and application of this challenging technique demonstrated her remarkable skill, delivering an impressively structured and elegantly designed piece.

Episode Inspiration

Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Chiffon_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Taffeta_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round
Bella Satin Camo Prints Jutland Pants Faux Leather
Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Stretch_Velvet_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lisa_Pattern_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round
Fierce Lace Leopard Print Satin

Garment of the Week went to Asma’s bodycon dress - a brilliant make that we can definitely see on a catwalk in Paris....­Milan...­New York?!

We had to say farewell to Lizzie, who has been a real asset to the show this year, she's had some cracking makes and has really made us smile

Next Week – Fashion Icon week!

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