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Affordable Elegance: Dress Fabrics for £9 Per Metre & Under

Hello fellow fabric enthusiasts! Isn't it exciting to discover beautiful dressmaking materials that don't break the bank? In this blog, we're all about celebrating those budget-friendly gems. We're talking about a treasure trove of fabrics that are £9 per metre and under. Cottons, satins, playful prints - you name it, we've got it! So, if you're dreaming about sewing up a new summer dress, or itching to start a quilting project, you're in the right place. Stick around, let's explore this collection together, and who knows, your next favourite fabric might be just a scroll away!

Dopamine Dress Fabrics

Starting from only £6.75 per metre, our dopamine dress fabrics collection offers a selection of vibrant and energetic prints that are sure to put a spring in your step. Let your wardrobe be a source of happiness and self-expression! Embrace the power of dopamine dressing and dress in fabrics that make you feel unstoppable. Whether you're creating a statement dress, a playful top, or a lively skirt, our dopamine dress fabrics will infuse your outfits with energy and positivity.


Fabrics Pictured: Fun House | Holi Holiday | Jones Crepe | Cotton Interlock Emerald | Droplets Blue | Orbit

Bargain Blues

For those who love the calming coolness of blue, these bargain blue fabrics, starting at £6.50 per metre, is a treasure trove of soothing shades and patterns. From the softness of baby blue to the richness of navy, these fabrics provide a versatile palette for a variety of sewing projects.

Fabrics_Under_9_Blog_Narrow_BlueFabrics Pictured: Scrubs Pale Blue | Satin Stripe Lawn | Mercerised Jersey Blue | Silky Cotton | Viscose Satin Crepe | A Fine Tat | Sewing Room Maisy Blue | Puff Sleeves | Scrubs White | Seersucker Stripe | West Point Navy

Red Riches

Heat up your designs with these rich red dressmaking fabrics. Starting from just £6.30 per metre, these fabrics offer a range of rich, warm red tones that add a touch of passion and drama to any creation. You can be the next “Lady in Red”.


Fabrics Pictured: Two Step | Bakers Dozen | Crepe De Chine White | On The Beach Red | Interlock Red | Abstract Zig Zag Red Chiffon | Value Poplin Floral Sketch Red | Fame

New Linen Look Fabrics

We are excited to introduce our new linen look fabrics, available in 5 lovely colours. Priced at £7.50 per metre, these dress fabrics mimic the texture and natural appeal of linen, providing a chic and comfortable option for both apparel and home décor projects.


Sunset Beaches

Let your designs bask in the warm hues of our sunset beaches collection. Starting from £6 per metre, these fabrics capture the beauty of sunset hues and beach-inspired designs, bringing a sense of relaxed holiday vibes to your projects.


Fabrics Pictured: Lona Crepe White* | Jazz It Up | Crepe De Chine Flame | On The Beach Coral | West Point Orange | Interlock Wine | Flowerful* | Pistachio

Pastel Co-Ords

Immerse yourself in the soft and subtle tones of our pastel co-ords collection. Priced from £6 per metre, these fabrics offer a sweet and soothing palette that is perfect for coordinating outfits. We have soft crepes, viscose plains, cotton jerseys and more, all at excellent price points.


Fabrics Pictured: Victor Pale Khaki | Printed Georgette Amy | Finest Linen Look Pale Rose | Droplets Night Garden | Interlock Cotton Blush | Miller Crepe Pink Floral | Fine Viscose Plain Black | Cilla | Interlock Lemon

New Cotton Interlock Fabrics

Offering superb comfort and versatility, our cotton interlock fabrics come in over 18 stunning colours. Priced at £9 per metre, these fabrics provide a soft and stretchy base for a multitude of sewing projects, from comfy loungewear to cute baby clothes.


Autumn Watch

Embrace the beauty of fall with our autumn watch collection. Starting at £6 per metre, these fabrics encapsulate the enchanting hues and patterns of the autumn season, making them ideal for seasonal projects or year-round rustic charm.


Fabrics Pictured: Yoryu Chiffon Brown | Georgette Ivory | Victor Sahara | Saffron | Poly Tan | Sheer Elegance | Dread Naught | A Fine Romance | It Ain't Arf Ott

Budget-Friendly Fabrics

For those on a budget, we also offer a selection of affordable yet high-quality fabrics. Our cotton scrubs, Victor linen slub, Pretty Polly and Put The Kettle on printed poly cottons, and Boston 100% cotton poplin plains are all wallet-friendly choices without compromising on quality.

Fabrics_Under_9_Blog_Square_Boston_Plaind Fabrics_Under_9_Blog_Square_Pretty_polly Fabrics_Under_9_Blog_Square_Scrubs Fabrics_Under_9_Blog_Square_Victor
boston plains Printed Poly Cotton cotton scrubs victor

Did you know you can always filter by price on our website? It’s easy just select “Sort by” on whatever page you appear to be on an arrange “low-high”. You’ll find hundreds of fabrics for £9 per metre and under!

Don't forget great value fabrics can be found in our SALE category all year 'round. Get high quality, premium, ex-designer and deadstock fabrics at heavily discounted prices. 

*Please note Flowerful and Lona crepe white is only £9 for a limited time (offer ends 21/07/2023)

Prices correct as of 13/07/2023

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