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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 9 - Episode 8 Recap

In the thrilling eighth episode of The Great British Sewing Bee 2023, we reached the nail-biting quarter-final stage. At this crucial point, only four talented sewers were left standing, brimming with creativity and determination. Their mission? To craft awe-inspiring garments that pay tribute to the iconic style legends who have left an indelible mark on fashion history. With their needles poised and imaginations in full swing, these remarkable individuals embarked on a journey to create masterpieces that would captivate both judges and viewers alike.. Be warned - spoilers ahead!


Pattern challenge

In the exhilarating pattern challenge, our talented sewers were transported back to the golden era of Hollywood, where they were tasked with channelling the timeless glamour of Audrey Hepburn's iconic little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's. This legendary garment, celebrated for its impeccable fit and elegant silhouette, became the focal point of their creative endeavours. With every stitch and meticulous cut, they aimed to capture the essence of Audrey's sophistication and grace, infusing their own personal touches into this tribute to cinematic style. There were some interesting fabric choices and we were impressed with Asmaa’s finish.


Transformation Challenge

This weeks transformation challenge drew inspiration from none other than sewing bee jugde Esme Young. With a nod to her remarkable collaboration with the renowned fashion label Swanky Modes and used non-conventional materials (such as the humble shower curtain) and immortalized through the lens of the legendary fashion photographer, Helmut Newton, for the iconic Nova magazine.

The sewers were tasked with creating alluring garments ingeniously crafted from shower curtains that exuded both charm and playfulness. One bee in particular stood out and gave us a giggle — Lauren, who managed to create beautifully sewn design that was elegant and sexy in equal measure.


Made to Measure

Lastly, we had the thrilling made-to-measure Challenge, which turned out to be an exciting all-male affair. The skilled sewers were given the formidable task of crafting exquisite smoking jackets, showcasing their tailoring prowess. This test of their expertise was further heightened by the inclusion of tricky-to-handle fabrics, adding an extra layer of complexity to their endeavours.

With each meticulous stitch, the sewers faced the challenge of not only mastering the art of tailoring but also ensuring a flawless fit for their respective models. The pressure was palpable as they focused on creating a garment that would impeccably complement the physique and style of their chosen muse. There was plenty of purple on display and lots of lovely linings to boot.

Episode Inspiration

Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Chiffon_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Taffeta_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lace_Round
Brocade Corduroy Friday Pattern Co Heather Blazer Petunia Velour
Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Stretch_Velvet_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Lisa_Pattern_Round Art_Week_Episode_5_Sewing_Bee_Interlock_Cotton_Jersey_Round
Liesl + CO Sintra Halter Satin Gala Night Velvet

Garment of the Week went to Asma’s smoking jacket, a Wonker-esque design with a beautiful lining and piping to die for!

We had to say farewell to Lauren who has wowed us lots this series and made us smile plenty.

Next Week – Fashion Utilitarian week!

Sewing Bee Image Credit: BBC/Love Productions/­James Stack | Friday Pattern Co | Liesl + Co
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