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Brand New Batik Fabrics!

Though they have been in existence for more than 2,000 years, batik fabrics remain to this day an extremely popular choice. Dyed and printed by hand, each batik fabric is completely unique, giving you infinite scope to create one-of-a-kind garments and craft items.

Batik fabrics are especially easy to work with and can be used for all sorts of different projects. They are particularly popular for creating dynamic, vibrant patchwork quilts that are an absolute joy to behold. You can also use them to create skirts, tops, dresses and kaftans; the exciting colour palettes and patterns, along with the soft and breathable feel of the fabrics, make them absolutely ideal for creating colourful garments for the upcoming spring and summer.

Croft Mill is proud to introduce a selection of new batik fabrics to our ever-growing collection. All of these new fabrics are made using cotton poplin of superlative quality. The collection includes:

  • Batik Summer Red 1. A rich red base overlaid with a stunning pattern of peach leaves. This is a hypnotic design that you will fall in love with. 
    Batik Summer Red 1
  • Batik Summer Aqua 1. This is a beautiful design that is rendered in soft, inviting shades of blue and green. Tranquil and calming, the exquisite tones of this new batik fabric are truly delightful.
    Batik Summer Aqua
  • Batik Summer Purple 1. An abstract design created using tones of lilac and purple. This gorgeous fabric has a real sense of luxury. 
    Batik Summer Purple
  • Batik Summer Blue 1. A multitude of different blue tones work in perfect harmony. A hand-printed design of flowers overlays this beautiful base.
    Batik Summer Blue

All of these amazing batik fabrics are available at the attractive price of just £9.50 per metre; each metre of fabric measures 118cm in width. As these fabrics are handmade, the colour and pattern may vary a little across each piece but this only adds to their unique appeal. For each fabric, matching threads and linings are available and these can be ordered separately from the relevant product page.

There are many more batik fabrics to discover so check out our website for the complete collection. Happy crafting!

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