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Make Mother's Day Magical!

Sunday the 14th of March is Mother's Day, a time to celebrate your mum or other maternal figure in your life: treat her to a traditional breakfast in bed or maybe afternoon tea, make sure she gets plenty of pamper time and spend the entire day reminding her just how much she means to you.

A Mother's Day card is essential and as everyone knows, a home made card will mean far more than one bought from a shop.. In this edition of our blog, we're going to show you how, using fabrics from Croft Mill, to make a unique Mother's Day card that she will treasure. Our fabrics plus your crafting skills equals a very happy mum!

Floral Mother's Day Card

  • You will need: cardstock, pieces of fabric (two per flower), scrap paper, buttons, needle and thread, glue and scissors
  • On a piece of scrap paper, draw a simple flower shape. How large or small you draw it is up to you: you could make just one big flower or several smaller ones. Cut out the flower shape and use it as your template.
  • Use the template to draw an outline onto the reverse side of a piece of your chosen fabric. Repeat the process with another piece of fabric. You could use the same style of fabric or a contrasting piece: it's totally up to you so trust your creative instincts!
  • Use a tacking stitch to sew round the centre of one of the flowers. Pull the thread tight so the flower gathers together and secure with a knot the reverse side. 
  • Place this flower onto the other and secure together with a button.
  • Glue your finished flower/s onto the front of folded piece of card and add any other decorations you fancy, if any. 
  • Write your message inside and enjoy your mum's delighted smile when you present it to her!

There are so many other ways you can use fabric to create one-of-a-kind gifts for Mother's Day. Why not try covering a clothes hanger with some pretty material or perhaps you could make her a simple tote bag? A custom fabric face mask could be the perfect combination of style and practicality. If you're really confident with your sewing, you might even make her an entire new outfit!

Whatever you choose to make, you should use the best materials to do it with and that's where Croft Mill can help. Browse our extensive collection of fabrics today and get crafting!

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