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Is Linen a Sustainable Fabric?

As summer approaches and the weather improves, it's a great time to start using linen to create gorgeous garments to update your wardrobe. Linen is a strong, versatile fabric and it also boasts unmatched green credentials, being one of the most envi­ron­men­tally-friendly textiles available. Check out this edition of the Croft Mill blog to discover more about this wonderful fabric...

The fabric is made from the fibres of the flax plant; the word 'linen' is in fact derived from 'linum usitatissimum', the Latin name for this plant. Linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest ever used: flax fibres discovered in a cave in present-day Georgia suggest a history dating back to over 30,000 years ago.

There are many reasons that linen is such an envi­ron­men­tally-friendly fabric:

  • Growing flax requires much less water than growing cotton. According to data from the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp, a linen shirt requires just 6.4 litres of water in comparison with a massive 2,700 litres for an equivalent shirt made from cotton. 
  • Every part of the flax plant can be used, resulting in very little wastage. For example, the seeds can be eaten or used to produce linseed oil. 
  • Flex is a very hardy plant and can be grown successfully in poor soil. This means that fewer herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are required. 
  • Linen is an extremely strong and durable fabric, which means it can last many times longer than other materials. 

Here at Croft Mill, you can choose from a stunning selection of linen dress fabrics, all of which are ideal for crafting cool, breathable and frankly fabulous summer garments. The collection includes:

  • Pure Linen. The name says it all! This delightful linen fabric is of medium weight at 230gsm and is beautifully soft, a quality that will only increase with further washing. Choose from a sumptuous palette of colour options including Black, Chartreuse, Silver Grey, Lavender, Coral, Stone, Denim, Navy, Aqua, Teal, Pewter and Mint.
    Pure Linen - Chartreuse - 100% Plain Dyed Linen Suiting Fabric - CLose Up Roll Fabric Photo
  • Lauren. Finely woven with a gorgeous yarn, these exclusive fabrics are sourced from an American designer label. Available in a solid Pink colour or in a choice of two floral designs: Rose or Primrose.
    Lauren - Primrose - Delightful Designer Beige Purple Floral Linen Viscose Shirting Fabric - Close Up 2
  • Trinidad. This German-made fabric is of a wonderfully-heavy weight green dress fabric. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd with this gorgeous floral print.
    Trinidad - pattern

Discover our complete collection of linen and linen mix fabrics on the Croft Mill website!

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