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John Kaldor Designer Fabrics

16 July 2018
We all look out for fabrics that are rich in texture and give a garment that awe-inspiring appearance. Using John Kaldor designer fabrics allows us to make something unique for ourselves that sets us apart from the crowd.

Beat The Heat!

11 July 2018
Viscose is becoming increasingly popular these days as it has a lot of good attributes, for example, it has a nice drape and feels soft and comfy to wear. The fabric should always be pre-washed before you start a sewing project as it does shrink, but that's usually advisable for any material you will be using. Being a lightweight fabric it is perfect for making Summer dresses, skirts and blouses.
bag main image

It's in The Bag!!

02 July 2018
Beautiful Fabrics for Beautiful Bags! They make the ideal gift for anyone, with Christmas in the not too distant future why not start sewing now. A wool fabric bag with leather or contrast fabric makes it look very trendy and expensive. Use the same pattern with waterproof fabrics and those who love the outdoors will be impressed. Make a matching toilet bag and you will have a really lovely set of unique bags. The pre-quilted lining fabric is easy to use and gives bags a good finish as they add stability.

Beautiful Batik Fabrics - A Splash of Summer Colour

27 June 2018
A vibrant colourful fabric, used in fashion all over the world and is also popular with quilters and patchworking. Batik fabrics are dyed with handmade patterns using a wax-resist technique.
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