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New Cotton Lawns - The List - Group

New Cotton Lawns

10 January 2017
Cotton lawn fabrics are known for their soft feel and draping qualities. They can be made into lovely blouses and dresses. See our new range.
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Lovely Linens

10 January 2017
I have extolled the virtues of linen cloths in the past, and also the shortcomings of linen. Namely that it creases, and it would appear that no amount of extra finishing can resolve the problem.

You might have noticed if you watched Michael Portillo, or his coats that is, his variously coloured coats – they weren’t made of linen of that I am quite sure. But he did have a striped one that fairly obviously was, because having sat on the train, for whatever period of time he did sit on the train, he came off looking like a wreck.

It is at this point you’re making a statement that you like natural fabrics regardless of what they look like.
I tease a little… I think linen is a wonderful cloth. So we've added some fabulous quality new linen fabrics to our site. Made for one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets.

Our Free Fabric Charity Bags- Just so you know

09 January 2017
We have been inundated with requests for the charity bags that we offered for free over Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch, it has been wonderful to read through the requests and see what wonderful work so many of you do, it is inspiring and humbling. I wish we could give a bag out to all of you but we simply don't have enough. There have been so many wonderful requests that we are going to have to put these in a hat to do the deciding for us. We will be in touch very soon to let you know if you will be receiving one. Rock on to all of you doing such amazing work.
Stretching the Imagination - Multicoloured Abstract Polyester Jersey -cu d

New Year, New Fabrics

04 January 2017
All the team at Croft Mill would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017. We have been adding new fabrics to our site, because what better way to welcome in a new year, than with new fabrics?
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