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For The Children!!

15 April 2019
It is nearly Summer and time for t-shirts and shorts and very pretty dresses. Croft Mill has some lovely new children's fabrics as well as some older favourites.

Get ready for the Summer!!

04 April 2019
Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant and is used to make many fabric types at every price point. The fibre is hollow in the centre and, under the microscope, resembles a twisted ribbon. ... A plain weave produces fabrics like gingham, percale, chambray and broadcloth.

Spring is in the air!!

29 March 2019
Take a look at some of the lovely fabrics in stock to make some rather stunning Spring garments. We have lots of different colour variations so please check our website for more options. This is the time of year when lots of NEW!!! Fabrics come in and skirts, tops, blouses, trousers and unlined jackets once again become Spring wardrobe favourites.

Showcase of fabulous fabrics

21 March 2019
We have many lovely fabrics for dressmaking and women's wear that we thought we would showcase some of the fabrics we have for men. There are a lot of easy to sew patterns available for men wear. Choosing the correct fabrics for the project goes a long way to making a totally unique garment.
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